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Lube feels good .

Le Friki feels better

make things go smoother

the Panky applies the right amount of personal lubricant using a textured surface that feels good. It keeps lube off hands and sheets and applies it where you want it.

no leaky messes

fits in bags and pockets

hang it from your key chain



cap seals tight 

the upward

pressure by the cap further prevents leaks

from bottom 

one-way valve

take it with you

have a sexual experience that feels real

the Panky makes lube application feel sexy instead of messy and awkward.

Hanky Panky

I'm HankyPanky, kinky and not afraid to show it! I am proud of my true colors (and kinks). Each color signifies a special kink. Get up to 3 colors and show your true colors. 

plan for unplanned sex

instead of being an awkward interruption, it is a pleasurable addition that can add the sexy back into the experience.

stay in the


The only thing you should be trying to find and expel fluids from is your partner(s).


The PANKY is easy to open and is ready to use 


 go beyond your run-of-the-mill missionary sex

and get kinky

Customize and color-code your kinks with the HankyPanky. Hit the streets and bring cruising back

Don't cruise without it

Panky the new Hanky      

every kind of sex is way more pleasant with lube

No matter what sex organs you have or what gets you off, getting intimate feels better when you get slippery with the Panky.


It's a fact, sex feels better with lube. But the truth is, it can be a messy distraction. Not only was I tired of stained sheets and slippery hands, but I  found the entire process cumbersome. I noticed a gap in the market: a lube applicator that adds to the heat of the moment and is an integrated part of the experience, instead of being a chore. I wanted to transform a clinical process of getting slippery to a sexy one... 

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