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About LeFriki



I am a woman who is serious about pleasure. In the bedroom, I believe everyone should feel comfortable asking for what they want This is why I wanted to make a fun and useful product to enhance the sexual experience. 

Using lube was always a messy experience and over and over again, I thought there must be a better way.

When I initially thought of the idea in 2009, I was apprehensive about following through with making it into a reality due to the stigma associated with the sex industry. It took me 10 years to revisit the idea, after noticing it had still not been thought of. The sex toy industry has come a long way since then, with vibrators being sold at your local pharmacy stores. I can't help but think what woulda happened if I brought this idea to fruition earlier, pushing past the social stigma. This is why I want to talk about another stigma that needs to be addressed and that is the stigma of using lube. No, it doesn't mean you are deficient in any way or that you aren't able to turn your partner on. It just means that you want sex to feel better than it already does. Cause in my world, even slightly better is a better option. 

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