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Don't be sneaky . Flaunt your friki

Hanky Panky Kink Color-Coded Lube Applicator

you only need one hand to pop it open 


we know your other hand is tied up

 a sexual experience that feels as real as just spitting on it and sticking it in 

Panky Color Codes

Make your Panky as colorful as your

wildest kinks...

The best way to get what you want is to ask for it, right? Today, apps like Grindr, Scruff, Romeo, Hornet, Surge and many more offer instantaneous access to your every desire. But before your digital device was the sole matchmaker, bandanas were used as soft introductions.

Flagging, which refers to colored  objects, specifically handkerchiefs,  worn on the body to indicate sexual interest, helped cruising parties find their erotic match. The bandanas were self-labeling devices that made that initial connection. The Hanky Panky reintroduces this code transforming the currently digital experience into an analogue one. 

Worn on the left to indicate you're a bottom, on the right if you're a top. This was a universal recognition signal in the 70's.

The Hanky Panky follows the same rule and is available in 10 colors, simplifying the complex lexicon of gay culture.

Use it as a nuanced method of sexual communication. A discreet coding system to express sexual desires, in a more personable manner. Because a colorful Panky hanging from your pocket is not only a great conversation starter, but it is also a way to get you what you want. 

spit fucking is more fantasy than reality
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