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When your parents finds your dildo stash

Updated: May 7, 2019

It was my lucky week. My parents had come to visit exactly at the same time as I had to move. So I did what every spoiled child does as an adult and asked my parents to help pack. I mean, what else do they have to do at home while I'm at work?

I bought boxes and every packing supply that they might need, making sure they wouldn't run out. Everything was going as planned until I got a call from my mother during lunch break at work. "So, I found some things under you bed. " Mom said. It took me a second but I quickly realized what she had found. The big box of sex toys under my bed. Now, if my only sex toys were vibrators, I wouldn't have been so mortified. There are some things a parent can't unsee and one of those things is a giant double dildo under her daughters bed. You see, my parents were never the kind to talk about things, especially things like the birds and the bees. So it was all the more embarrassing. It was as if all my naughty secrets had been exposed, even worst than that time they caught me masterbating. Don't pretend it didn't happen to you.

It was worst than that.

Did my dad see the pandora's box? I god, please spare him, I thought.

"YES" She said. "He was the one who showed it to me."


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