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The long and short of it

Up until I got laid for the first time when I was 17, I assumed my penis was average. After all, when ever I watched porn, my penis seemed rather standard, maybe a bit larger than normal when comparing it to what I saw but certainly nothing our of the ordinary. What I didn't know at the time was that men in porn have huge cocks! Of course when watching porn, it always seems like the bigger the better. Every girl in porn is endlessly horny and can take what ever is thrown their way. However, in real life, when a girl see's that your hog is legitimately a third leg, the response is not the sensual "oh baby" you were expecting. It's more of a "OH FUCK THAT THING IS NOT GOING NEAR ME!" So, from the age of 17 to present day, my epic penis has been a problem. I can not count how many girls took on the challenge of my penis, only to decide half way through sex that this was a novelty experience and not one to be repeated. Over time, this constant barrage of failed sexual experiences and the inability to secure a girlfriend became a serious problem and prevented me from experiencing a normal and happy sex life. However, you know the old adage, "if at first you don't succeed, keep fucking until you succeed." Therefore, I kept trying until I met my now wife and she introduced me to lubrication. Up until my wife, my partners and I always felt like lubrication meant that the woman was not turned on because a good experience would obviously lead to natural lubrication. Unfortunately for me, no amount of natural lubrication can offset a 6 inch hole and an 8 inch peg. Fortunately for me, my wife knew that lubricant was not something to be embarrassed about or a sign of failure. Lubrication was a gift and a blessing that allowed us to experience intercourse in a mutually pleasurable manner, regardless if the female body was producing adequate amounts of lubrication. With that being said, I am now a believer an advocate of personal lubricants. 

Man with large penis
Too big to fit? Lube is the answer


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